Bug fixes and a Linux build.


This is just a quick update. We made some changes to the build in response to a few obvious GUI bugs in the previous version.

Namely, the tendency of the game to get stuck, if you do not click at the title screen to continue the panel after 10 seconds.

We have also included a Linux version of the game, but without any device to test it on - we do not know if it works or not! We would appreciate someone trying out the Linux version of the game to ascertain that works okay.



in_Dubious_Splendor.02(Win).zip 241 MB
Dec 12, 2017
in_Dubious_Splendor.02(Mac).app.zip 245 MB
Dec 12, 2017
in_Dubious_Splendor.02(Linux).zip 249 MB
Dec 12, 2017

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