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That was very enjoyable. Looking forward to where this goes.

very cool concept, I ended up not putting any attention to the letters and used only the hints


Thank you so much. Yes it is indeed possible to ignore the crossword clues if you populate the puzzles with hints - effectively turning each level into a sort of shape puzzle. Though at the default difficulty when you have incomplete hints about the position of each word-train, crossword clues will typically provide useful indications about the position of a handful of words - letting you then solve for the rest.

I'm enjoying this! One suggestion would be to allow the clues to be viewed after solving the puzzle.

Thank you! And yes you are right, the default set of clues for each puzzle are the ideal difficulty - and at the moment it is a little too easy and tempting to add more clues and simplify the puzzle. Will consider staggering access to the clues in some way over subsequent iterations.

This has been so much fun! The build runs smoothly and without a hitch and trying to work out how strings of words can snake around the board has been progressively so challenging. Enjoyed all the time I've spent on this!

Thank you so much! Really glad you enjoyed the game. And it is good to know that the build is working okay.